Litigation Support

In a sensitive situation, it is important to engage qualified professionals to provide expert advice and guidance. Whether the issue facing you is related to bankruptcy, divorce or suspected improprieties in your organization, we have a team of professionals that are qualified and understand the legal aspects of these situations and issues. Just as important, we understand the emotional aspects that can accompany difficult situations and circumstances.

As part of the team of professionals engaged to assist in these sensitive situations, we typically partner with legal counsel and others to provide necessary analysis of financial and accounting data, which may be used to support litigation proceedings. In addition, our team members have experience in providing testimony and expert witness services.

Litigation Services

  • Forensic accounting, including data and trend analysis
  • Consulting in divorce situations, including planning and data review
  • Assistance with fraud investigations, including accumulation of data and observations
  • Providing testimony and expert witness services in litigation proceedings
  • Bankruptcy consulting, including planning and accounting services

It is important to surround yourself with the appropriate team of qualified, knowledgeable individuals to provide timely and appropriate expert advice. We have the experience, knowledge and sensitivity to provide the advice you need in civil, criminal or tax litigation proceedings.